Washes, brush techniques, and blending


Watercolor is an essential material to learn about washes, and putting watery paint on a wet surface. Watercolor gives you a chance to use a unique material.

Essential Question:

What is the difference between painting with watercolor and painting with acrylic ?

Artist Spotlight: Enya Todd

Now based in Bath, Enya is originally from Macau, though she has spent much of her career in London. With a background in packaging design, her love of illustration drove her towards painting food and she’s inspired by the chefs and patisserie artists who make treats she paints. Following her BA in Graphic Design, Enya earned a Masters in Design Management from the London College of Communication in 2011.

With a fluid, expressive style, there’s a touch of Impressionism about Enya’s work as she deftly encourages her colours to bleed into the paper just the right amount. A strong focus on key details makes each piece realistic – essential when depicting complex foods.

Source: https://www.illustrationx.com/us/artists/EnyaTodd

Talking Points

1. What differences do you see between acrylic and watercolor painting?

2. What effect does watercolor give to the object that is painted?

3. How does the artist create highlights and shadows with watercolor?

4. In your opinion, does the aesthetic of watercolor work with these foods?

5. How does this watercolor painting make you feel?