Colored Pencil

Color theory as well as shading and value techniques


Learning how to blend and shade in colored pencil will help you understand value in color for various materials.

Essential Question:

What is different about shading in colored pencil versus other materials?

Artist Spotlight: Cj Hendry

Cj Hendry's practice started as a hobby. She has no formal art training and considers herself "not very creative." Her works are primarily hyper-realistic, large scale ink drawings of luxury objects that sometimes take 200 hours to complete. Working with ink on paper her pieces are achieved through layers of what she refers to as scribbles

Artist Cj Hendry is known for working in a monochromatic palette, but she departed from her typical style to create Complementary Colors, a series of hyperrealistic colored pencils drawings that recreate luscious blobs of paint. Considering that some of the best colored pencils are oil based, the choice of the tool seems fitting.


Talking Points

1. Why do you think Hendly used colored pencils to create paint blobs?

2. Personally, do you think hyperrealism is a good or poor aesthetic?

3. How does the artist create highlights and shadows with colored pencils?

4. Why do you think Hendly drew paint blobs to begin with?

5. Do you think the shape of the paint sends a certain message?